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The best music after your marriage on your celebration.

On a wedding celebration, the DJ must put his whole heart in it. Because this is a very unique happening and the expectations will be at a high level. Benefit from an experienced DJ, who serves multiple generations as well! Nice dining, sweet wedding cake and perfect music for a perfect evening.


DJ wedding at Mannheim hints for wedding dance

Suggestions for wedding dance

A waltz is surely the most intended style for dancing and opening the dancefloor. But it's no must. Let me explain that later on. Hereby some reccomendations for your wedding dance from classical, Pop and Rock Genres:

Viennese Spirit (Wiener Blut) - Johann Strauss (VW)
Emperor Waltz (Kaiser-Walzer) - Johann Strauss (VW)
Flower Waltz (Blumenwalzer) - Tschaikowsky (VW)
By the Beautiful Blue Danube (An der schönen blauen Donau) - Johann Strauss (VW)
Waves of the Danube (Donauwellen) - Iosif Ivanovici (VW) - (more sophisticated)
Amaze me - No Angels (VW)
Breathe easy - Blue (VW)
Das Liebeslied - Anett Louisan (VW)
When I need you - Leo Sayer (SW)
Flying - Bryan Adams (VW)
I care 4 you - Aaliyah (VW)
Come away with me - Ballroom Orchestra/Norah Jones (SW)
The Way I am - Orchestra Alec Medina (SW)
If you don't know me by now - Simply Red (SW)
You light up my life - Leann Rimes (SW)
The greatest love of all - Band4dancers/Celine Dion (SW)
Try - Orchestra Alec Medina/P!nk (SW)
Apologize - Orchestra Alec Medina/Timbaland (SW)
If I ain't got you - Alicia Keys (VW)
Take it to the limit - Eagles (SW)
Nothing else matters - Metallica (VW)
Earned It (Soundtrack Fifty Shades Of Grey) - The Weeknd (SW/VW)

VW=Viennese Waltz, SW= Slow Waltz

Some of these are normally no waltz, but have been freshly arranged by special orchestras. I have much more of them with me. Singing and instruments are original. I think, not every DJ has such a selection.

Let's talk now about some alternative solutions. As I said, there is no rule to dance a waltz. A slow blues will also be ok and you wil not have to practice for it very much. Take a song, that both of you know well. Perhaps a song you got to know each other?

Something special! Dance a nice discofox and perform it to the audience. E.g. "What a feeling (Flashdance)". Some people also like the "Crazy Wedding Dance", an own composition of different songs. You start for example with a waltz and suddenly, music changes into a RocknRoll. That will be quite surprising. The DJ may act, as he himself is surprised about that, too.

No dancing is by the way a quite poor idea. I think, people expect some kind of wedding dance, whatever it may be. So please spend just 2 minutes in doing a slow blues. Everyone can do this. I will fade out for you just in time. Your reward will be the applause from the audience and at least many nice pictures, they will surely take of you.



DJ wedding at Hechingen hints for wedding dance


Always great service

For a wedding celebration, you not only need msuic from the DJ. You also need a pro-active service. That means discreet positioning of the equipment and fit the PA (Speakers and amps) to the room, providing you with microphones and event technique. The sound level should be adjusted according to your needs at every time and at a constant level.

During your celebration, sometimes speeches or presentations may being held, some guests may like to perfom nice games. I will support you in that, in order to guarantee, that your message will be clear and understandable to everybody in the audience. Games may be supported with some nice music. For presentations, you can use your own beamer or book one from me.

Sometimes, musicians like to perform songs or music for you, using a guitar or keyboard. I will also support them with special equipment like mixers or DI boxes. Please let's talk about that in front of your event.

DJ Lutz children disco on wedding Kleinbottwar Waldhotel Forsthof Villa Forsthof

By the way: We can start some party even before dining! It is not usual, but why not? I can also do some nice Children's Disco for our little guests.

I promise all bridal couples a very successful musical part of your event!

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