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This is there you can see, with which equipment I'm working with. My slogan is not to have giant speakers, but speakers with giant sound. There have been many evolutions in speaker and amplifier development during the last years, e.g. smaller and stronger magnets for speakers. I prefer working with fine and small speakers. Your benefit will be better sound as well as not so much room needed for DJ equipment. That looks more nice. Please feel free to contact me in case of questions about my equipment.

The sound of music

It is important, what you hear at least. Would you prefer a DJ playing CD's? That means, music has been recorded and transformed into digital format. The player will transform the digital signal back into an analog signal. That's exactly how I work! But there is no disc spinning, that would be sensitive for dysfunction. My music is already in digital format (256-320kBit/s to be exactly) and will be played with high-tech equipment. I am not using the cheap builtin sound solutions included in todays laptops.

Bose L1 Model 2

DJ Lutz Stuttgart Marbach Waiblingen Bose PA L1 Model 2 with B2 Bass I have heard this PA on other events and found it amazing! Some people, who are used to large cubicles as speakers may think, the Bose looks ridiculous. I think, this is not the case and the sound is even better than the large cubicles. I have 2 of them, the biggest model of these series with the large B2 bass. Bose says: Recommended for audiences up to 500 persons. The 24-speaker articulated line array delivers 180-degree horizontal sound coverage. Produces the most consistent tonal balance with little volume drop-off over distance.
Boost your performance with the L1 Model II system, our most advanced portable amplification system for musicians, DJs and public speakers. The loudspeaker delivers 180 degrees of horizontal sound coverage and our smoothest tonal balance across the stage and throughout the room. Includes one B2 bass module for more flexibility and even greater power at the low end.
Like the original, award-winning Bose L1 system, the Model II sound system is an all-in-one innovation that replaces conventional monitors, mixers and PA speakers. And this professional sound system is packed with proprietary Bose technologies designed to improve your amplified sound.

Shure wireless microphone 2xSM58

DJ Lutz Stuttgart wireless microphone Shure SM58 For a professional event, you also need professional mikes! The shure SM 58 is and stays legendary and is always a good choice for speech and singing. SM58 vocal microphone capsules for warm, clear vocal reproduction. BLX88 dual channel wireless receiver, 2 BLX2 handheld transmitters with integrated SM58 cardioid dynamic microphone capsules (50 - 15.000 Hz), antenna diversity, Quick-Scan, frequency range 823 - 832 MHz. Model: Shure BLX288/SM58 Combo S8

Lenovo Thinkpad W500

DJ Lutz at Fellbach and Winnenden technique Lenovo W500 Very robust and stable notebook of 'workstation' class. This is only used for playing music. There are several DJ programs supporting the DJ in his work. Thinkpad notebooks have never had blackouts during my work. I have spare parts always with me, too.

Denon MC-6000 MK2 Controller

DJ Lutz at Heilbronn and Untereisesheim technique Denon MC-6000 MK2 A DJ controller is needed to control the music flow. It works like a turntable with start/stop button, fader, euqualizer and much more. But the most important thing is, that it is the sound engine, including highclassed audio converters as well as mixing technique and controlling of microphones and headphones. Denon is number one for me in that. Technical description: Slim tabletop design for various DJ applications and portability, optimized for Virtual DJ users. 4 deck software control with visible deck colour change, real-time matrix operation, analog sources, USB MIDI & USB Audio, integrated 2x2 USB audio interface 3-way audio/video assignable cross-fader, high resolution 105mm touch-sensitive jog wheel, 100mm pitch slider with high 14bit resolution, pitch/fader/volume lock function, auto loop button with Beat Jump (loop cut), manual loop in/out buttons, large size cue & play buttons, EFX control, EFX keys & parameter knobs, GUI control, mixer, video, scratch, sampler, REC, key lock on/off button with LED confirmation, selectable PFL input gain & program meters, SYNC key, 45mm channel & cross faders, 3-band channel EQ with kill switches (high/mid/low), XLR balanced & RCA unbalanced master output, XLR mic inputs, 3-band EQ for Mic 1 & 2, MIDI mappable control surface.

Beamer for presentations (Toshiba T520)

DJ Lutz birthday in Baden-Baden Beamer Technique
Powerful beamer for your presentations, musicvideos or karaoke. Including screen. 2000 Ansi Lumen. Connectors für VGA, DVI, Video (s-video and RCA). I will prepare your presentations for you, if you want.

LG Screen 32 inches for presentations and video

DJ Lutz corporate event in Bietigheim-Bissingen video screen
32'' Screen for presentations, music videos and karaoke. Compact and powerful solution. Brilliant and bright picture. Connectors for HDMI, VGA, Video (not suitable for receivement of TV-stations).

ADJ Jellydome mirror ball effect

An amazing effect, suitable for all kind of events. Creates an awesome atmosphere as run in slow motion, as well as powerful disco effects when run in music mode. LED moonflower dome with transparent case. Two effects in one (glowing transparent case & 34x sharp RGBW beams of light), 10W 4-in-1 RGBW LED (red, green, blue & white), produces 7x colours (red, blue, green, purple, yellow, cyan & white), use with or without fog, beam angle: 138 degrees, fan cooled, DJ Lutz Stuttgart technique mirror ball for wedding e.g. Backnang Rudersberg 3x DMX channels (dimmer/strobe, colour change & rotation: clockwise & counter clockwise with speed rotation), 3x operational modes (sound active, master/slave & DMX-512), colour strobe effect (fast to slow), electronic dimming (0-100%), linkable via 3-pin XLR cable, runs extremely cool (no duty cycles), smooth stepper motor, low power consumption: 27W (maximum), multi-voltage operation: 100-240V AC (50/60Hz).

ADJ Mega QA Par38 spotlight

DJ Lutz at Karlsruhe technique effects American DJ Mega QA PAR 38 Generally, I use these spots as floorspots, thus no blinding for the audience and very nice light effects. The Mega QA Par38 is a small and compact, low profile par designed for wall washing, uplighting or stage lighting and will bring color and excitement to any party. DJ Lutz technique LED spots at Schlosscafe Ludwigsburg Blühendes Barock This wash fixture is intelligently designed so that it may sit directly on the ground or inside truss (even fits into DT-23 or DT-24 Truss) without the hanging bracket because the power & DMX Ins and Outs sit on the side of the fixture, not on the rear. IT is powered by 3x 5-Watt, Quad 4-IN-1 LEDs (RGBA - Red, Green, Blue & Amber) for smooth color mixing, has a 25-degree beam angle, and offers 6 DMX Channel modes for a variety of programming options.

AMERICAN DJ Spherion TRI LED - Mirrorball

DJ Lutz technique mirrorball ballroom event Ludwigsburg Retro-Effect like a mirrorball. It features five bright 3-Watt TRI LED sources that project sharp beams of light from 116 lenses that rotate and fill an entire room. The unit has a low 27W power draw, and includes rubber feet and a removable hanging bracket so the unit can be set on a floor or table or hung from the ceiling. DJ Lutz Stuttgart Technique mirrorball effect for wedding Böblingen Sindelfingen It's three DMX channels allow users to control rotation speed and direction, dimming, strobing and color changing. The Spherion TRI LED also features exciting sound active programs that can be accessed by just turning on the fixture.

Allen & Heath Mixer ZED 10 FX

DJ Lutz Technique wnterbach Mixer Allen and Heath ZED 10 FX A nice, small mixer with clear sound, effects and british style EQ's. I selected this mixer because of amazing microphone characteristics. Even for small events, it's good to have NO feedback and clear sound on microphones. Also good for singing and karaoke. If customers have a guitar or other audio sources, it can be connected here very easily.

Secured power supply

DJ Lutz Technique power supply birthday Remshalden Some may think, it's not so important. But it is! The power supply is the most important thing. Without - you can do nothing. Top events also in need of a good power supply. The furman power conditioner controls the main power of all DJ equipment. The main thing is not to get annoying sound from other equipment (dimmers, motors etc.) and to have a stable power supply. The furman also protects the DJ equipment from electrical surge. DJ Lutz Stuttgart technique wedding e.g. Geislingen an der Steige The device is mounted invisible in my DJ rack and always with me. Technical details: 10 A (2300 Watt max.) for video- and audio-applications, technology from the furman PL-series, Linear-Filtering-Technology (LiFT) for clear and low-noise picture and audio quality, powerpeak- and transient powerfilter,SeriesMulti-StageProtection (SMP+), automatic power off at external overvoltage (270 V), IEC320 input and 2x IEC320 output, dimensions 45 x 216 x 127 mm, weight 1,36 Kg.

Kabel, adapters and DI-boxes

DJ Lutz Stuttgart cables and details on birthdays christmas eves around Reutlingen Last but not least, some words about cabling and further accessories: Highclassed cables dramatically influence the signal stability and quality. Many people don't think about that, but it's true. It makes a big difference, if you cable your equipment with cheap or expensive high quality cables. Therefore, I attach much importance on using very good cables, even if they are expensive and quite heavy to carry.

For musicians and connecting to external devices or PA's, I have prepared many adapters, DI-boxes or transformer boxes to avoid from strange noises and other sound problems.

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