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Stir up your own performance

How about singing yourself? Free your soul and select on about 40.000 karaoke titles in many languages e.g. English, German, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Tagalog, Vietnam and much more.

Karaoke titles are presented as music (with or without original voice) and dynamic colored lyrics on a screen for the singers. Singers can select full or half playback. Even if you don't know what to sing, I can make suggestions for you and you sing along.

Performers will get appropriate echo effects from my mixer in order to hear an amazing sound of their voice. Karaoke brings so much fun and is a wonderful experience for everybody. Just come and try it out. I am very experienced in that. We can also do some singing contests.


...originally comes from asia, where it is a useful leisure activity. It is so much fun and, believe me, if you ever start, you will not want to stop.

Karaoke can be booked as an additional option with me. DJ service will always be included. So we'll start to party as soon as nobody likes to sing or I am in the opinion, that we should have some party moments.

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Remark: Karaoke is suitable to be presented on private parties. No performance in smoking areas! Songlists are available for customers on request.

"It can't hurt to ask!"

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