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Company details (Legal notice)

Company name: DJ Lutz DJ Services & Graphic Design
German VAT (Umsatzsteuer-) ID: None, according to § 19 UStG (small businesses)

Company owner: Lutz Neubauer

Address: Hartwald str. 63b, D-70 378 Stuttgart Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 711 / 9978 9375

Mail: dj [at] or contact page

Terms and conditions (pdf file)


No promotional calls

Promotional calls, faxes, mails and SMS are strictly prohibited, especially for mercantile directories. Any copying and usage of (address and other) data is restricted.

Copyright notice

All contents of this website (including pictures, documents, downloads etc.) are property of DJ Lutz Stuttgart. It is not allowed to copy or spread anything or use it for other reasons than for your (private) information!

Note about written warnings

No written warnings without getting in contact to me, first! If there is anything to complain about this website and its contents, so please contact me in front of any written warning (dissuasion) and I will check and change this as soon as possible. Any charges, resulting from any written warnings will be denied!

Privacy policy, also according to German/European law (DS-GVO)

  1. DJ Lutz is a single person business without other employees. Access to any personal data can only be obtained by the owner (Lutz Neubauer). Providing any personal data is not mandatory and is only used for business purpose (get in contact, order and manage services). Personal data is data that relates to an identifiable or identified natural person. As far as telephone numbers and devices are concerned, this also includes fax numbers and devices. Note: The copying and duplication of this specially written and legalized text is followed up by me and will be fined with a warning not less than 500 Euros. If you want to use passages of this text, please contact me.

  2. Cookies and Server behavior: We do not store cookies and do not store data out of the website and there are no analytics tools used. The provider of the website normally stores access data to so called log files, for which DJ Lutz is not responsible. These log files normally contain: Your IP address, time and date, accessed website or file, used browser and maybe used search engine. Please keep in mind, that your WEB BROWSER and/or search engines itself may collect data about you, especially when you logged on to your search engine and do searches and accesses from that site. But this is also outside any responsibility of DJ Lutz.

  3. If you use the Contact form (DJ Request), the following data will be transmitted in encrypted format: Name, e-mail address, phone number, event date, freeform text entered by you with its information (normally event details). The IP address will be logged to prevent from abusage. Depending on your browsers settings, please remind, that form data maybe stored by the browser itself. By transmitting the contact form, you agree to these conditions. If you don’t want to send this data, it is recommended to call us by phone.

  4. If you send a free form mail request, all of your data will be transmitted via mail. If you call us by phone, your caller ID will be stored by the phone and maybe added to our phone book for easier management of contacts and business.

  5. In case of no booking, all these data will be deleted after announced time period (normally 10 days).

  6. During getting in contact and in further management of your booking, all data will be stored in electronic/machine readable format and will be treated in confidence. These data are: Name, address, mail address, name of partner if applicable, type of event, location and date/time of event, birthday if applicable (e.g. birthday events), name and address of your company (corporate events), preferences in music and additional data provided by the customer, which will be relevant for your event. If you provide further contact data (e.g. responsible persons, family members, caretakers), this data will also be stored and treated in confidence.

  7. Data flow business process: Your request by mail or form will be sent to a mail program. Temporary, this may also be a mobile device. If your mail was received by a mobile device, you maybe get an answer from there. After the message has been taken over by the office PC, data on the mobile device will be deleted automatically. Offers and bills will be stored at the office PC (details explained later on). Address data maybe added to a phonebook on the office PC, that will be synchronized with the mobile device. Phone calls maybe stored in a call history, as explained later on. In case we have a personal appointment, a handwritten checklist about your event will be created.

  8. Your data will never be transmitted to third persons, unless otherwise expressly agreed. You have the right to revoke your consent with effect for the future at any time.

  9. Personal, stored data will be immediately and permanently deleted if you revoke your consent to store it, if it is no longer necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was stored, or if its storage is made up of other, e.g. legal reasons is inadmissible. For tax reasons, a retention period of tax-relevant documents of 10 years applies. This concerns event addresses, names and addresses of the clients, company-addresses and -designations.

  10. About handling phone numbers and address book entries (including e-mail addresses): Call lists are directories automatically created by telephones or mobile phones for incoming and outgoing calls. Call lists are deleted weekly and are inaccessible to third parties. All contact details are generally not passed on to third parties and not used for advertising purposes. In the course of facilitating contact and call assignment, I may include your contact information (name, telephone number, address and e-mail address) in a contact list, which is synchronized with a mobile device. On this device and on the office PC, no messenger services such as Whatsapp etc. are used, which could tamper with this data (!). The devices are also protected by virus scanners (Norton). A deletion of this data usually takes place within 2 years, if no further contact (follow-up booking) is in sight. All devices are protected against access and are not accessible to third parties. The mobile device can be made unusable through automatic and remote access in the case of loss or theft.

  11. Handling media and access data: If you transmit media to me (music / video or image material that is to be used in the course of your event), these will be used exclusively for your purposes as part of your event and will be temporarily stored on the DJs device. These files will be permanently deleted after the end of the event and not given to third parties. If you provide access data to online services (such as clouds) in this context, they will be deleted immediately after collection of files. Please keep in mind that, if you send an unencrypted mail, this information is not safe on its way. I recommend to change the access data after my retrieval (password). I will never ask you to submit data in this way, and better recommend sending this by mail, by CD or USB stick. At events, I will possibly make some shots (mostly photos) of me and the DJ area, for documentary purposes for private use. During the event, I will make some pictures for remembrance purposes, also for documentary purposes for private use. As pictures are shown on my website, people will not be recognizable or faces will be rendered unrecognizable. Insofar as persons have been or will be recognized in a recognizable manner, their consent has been or will be obtained. The publication of videos is generally excluded.

  12. Data transmission to third countries: Data transmission to third countries is generally excluded. However, should I be in a third country at the time of your request, your e-mail or fax will be sent to my mobile device located in the third country. Phone calls will not be forwarded to third countries. No messenger services like Whatsapp etc. are used on this device. The device is protected by virus scanners and secured from third-party access. If you would like to be contacted by phone, this will only be done by this mobile device with prior notice. Stays in third countries are announced by me in advance, via website or e-mail. This limitation to a mobile device leaves at least no data stored in the third country. The mobile device can be made unusable in the case of loss or theft through automatic and remote access.

  13. Social media networks: The website does not contain any references to social media networks.

  14. Newsletter and data services (Clouds): DJ Lutz does not send any newsletters and does not use data services or store data in any cloud.

  15. Agency bookings: An agency booking occurs, if you have not booked me directly through my website (my mail or contact form, telephone or fax or personal). If you have booked me through an agency, then this privacy policy and my terms and conditions apply as well. The data submitted in conjunction with the agency transaction is subject to the privacy policy of the agency. The data volume is, in my opinion, the same as described here. The processing of the data complies with this description. Since the agency only acts as a mediator and does not want to divulge the data of the DJ beforehand, a certain discrepancy arises, because you can not actually see my terms and conditions, before. As part of the agency booking, I therefore grant a special right of termination, if you do not agree with these conditions. For this I refer to the right of withdrawal. In a personal conversation, however, these things can be estimated easy to clarify, because no one should be ripped off here.

  16. Risk Assessment, Privacy Impact Assessment: Even with the utmost care in the handling of personal data, an element of (very low) risk remains. Even if a so called DSFA should not be necessary in this case (no increased risk), the total of measures taken is worth mentioning: Access protection to company PC and mobile device with fingerprint scanner and / or highly secure passwords, protection of the devices with virus scanner, delineation of the devices in the network with firewalls, no use of apps that require access to address directories, strictly regulated access to address books for backup and synchronization only, encrypted data structures, protection of address or telephone directories with highly secure passwords, automatic device theft / theft protection, deletion or deactivation by remote access, as soon as possible, destruction of paper documents by shredders / data destruction containers, locked storage of paper documents (e.g. tax-relevant) in secure locations, automatic deletion of telephone lists and booking requests without booking, business rooms and documents remain closed in absence, camera surveillance of the environment.From my point of view, a residual risk exists only in the case of third-party intervention with highly criminal energy or violence, such as subtle hacking knowledge, if access via remote maintenance is no longer possible or the automatic deletion of the data is undermined. Should there be a (highly unlikely) breach of data protection in this context, you will be informed immediately (if still possible). Furthermore, if necessary, the competent supervisory authority would be informed of a possible breach of the protection of personal data.

  17. Right to be informed: You have the right at any time to obtain information about your personal, stored data upon written request.

  18. Right of revocation: You have the right to object to the storage of your personal, stored data at any time. This can be done in writing, verbally, by telephone or by e-mail. Please note, however, the tax relevance, which requires a retention period of certain documents of 10 years (see above).

End of privacy policy.

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