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DJ Lutz Stuttgart Fellbach Backnang customer questions header I have collected a list of the most frequently asked questions for you here, that might interest you. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me at any time via phone or mail. We can also talk about everything in a personal meeting after your booking.

"How can I book the DJ?"

Please do an inquiry by the contact page and enter your data as well. You can also call me by phone. It is important, that your contact data ist traceable. It would be useful to make a phone call after that and talk about details. I will call you, if you want. After that, I will make an offer to you by mail, letter, fax or pdf file. You will have some time to think about it. If you are sure, please sign it and send it back by letter or fax. You will get an affirmation from me. That's it!

"What does it cost?"

The costs depend on the kind of event. I will have to take into account, whether you asked me via an agency. Therefore, it's always better to contact me here directly (and only here). Any request will be free of costs. Please use the 'Contact' page. You'll get an answer within 24 hours, almost earlier. For weddings, I will offer all-inclusive prices. I also collected some standard fees at my 'costs' page.

"How is an event going on?"

The DJ arrives at your location in time. Please reserve some place to park for him near the location. Then he will start to carry and assemble the equipment. It is important, that the DJ area is prepared with a table, chair, power outlet, and that there is enough space available for the speakers and any special equipment (lights etc.). You'll give the cash money to the DJ after assembly and you'll get an invoice. The DJ can do some moderation, if you want. Music will be played according to yoour needs. At the end, things will be disassembled. The end time relates to your arrangement from the contract.

"Do you have an alternate DJ?"

In case of a contract, I will guarantee to provide you with an alternate DJ in case of emergency. I am in contact with many DJ's in Germany and there will always be one available. But this has never been neccessary in all the years.

"Do you have spare equipment?"

I always have spare parts and equipment with me, and this will also be guaranteed in our contract. Your event will allways be provided with music.

"Is the event date guaranteed?"

Yes of course. If you signed the contract and I confirmed the date.

"What are your music styles?"

I will play everything: Hits from the Charts, Pop, Rock, RocknRoll, Jive, Twist, Country, Jazz, Blues, Lounge, Latin, Soul, Black, Funk, RnB, Eurodance, NDW, Dance, House, Rap, HipHop, wedding music, music for dancers, classical, discofox, Oldies, a bit of Techno, Mininmal, Hardrock, Punk and Heavy Metal, and of course 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. I have many music in all of these styles.
And of course, I will play, what YOU and your guests want to hear. I like to play some Lounge (Chillout, slow Pop or Rock) as backround music for dining. For party time, I like to play music, you can dance for and that brings fun to the people.

"Do you have GEMA license?"

First of all, there is no kind of general 'GEMA licencing' for a DJ. All of my songs are legally baught. Whether you need a GEMA licence is depending on the kind of event. For a private event, normally you don't need GEMA licencing. Private events are events with an invited guests list. For example, weddings should always be treated as private.

If your event is a non private event (e.g. parties in restaurants, shops), you must register your event with GEMA in front of the event. It will be a small fee. In this case, it is important for the DJ to have licenced copies of songs (e.g. from CD, if not the original CD will be played). This ist called the 'VR-Ö' licence in Germany. My song archive and all new songs to be copied are registered with that. For other areas outside Germany, country dependent rules may apply. Please ask your local GEMA representative for details. As I am not the event manager, I will not be responsible for registering and licencing your event with GEMA or other appropriate institutions.

(All information without guarantee)

"Do you fulfill song requests?"

Yes, of course! I also have song request notes for the guests. I'll take them during the party and play them as I feel 'it's time' for them. It's not a must, but I have had very good experiencies with that. Music, that doesn't fit to the party, will not be played.

"Do you have every song?"

As there are milliards of songs in the world, one cannot have every song. But I have everything, that has been in the international (English, German and Thai) Charts since 1940. We will have a meeting or phone conference in front of our event, and we'll talk about music, especially, what HAS to be played. Special songs or artists (e.g. different languages), I can prepare for you. In any 'case of emergeny', it will be possible to order a missing song during your event via iTunes etc.

"How will the DJ be dressed?"

According to the event type at any cases.

"Can I play my CD's or mp3's?"

Yes, but only for emergency purposes. Please inform me about that in front of your event. On public envents, there will be no possibility. On private events, it maybe possible. This is because I don't want corrupted CD's, stuttered sound or any other 'surprise'. Private people, please send me needed audio files before your event. Everything must be in accordance with licence rights, too.

"Is there any evidence on how you do your job?"

There is no evidence about my DJ's work except my website and what I'll explain to you. There are no videos or audio files, because it ist not allowed in Germany to publish music. As I would buy licences to publish this music, I would be a poor man... But, to be honest, everything I wrote on my website is the truth. Pictures are really from my events. It also would be no benefit for you seeing me doing the house party in a club, but you need me as a wedding DJ. Weddings are very private, and therefore I have to respect the privacy of the bridal couples. And this is, not to publish this private party anythere. If you have any questions, please let me know.

"Do you speak English?"

Yes, English spoken. I have been working in international business since 1985, and I am used to English documentations and customers. Therefore, it should not be a problem. I also speak Thai and a little bit French (it's a long time ago...).

"Do you make a break?"

No, I never rest during the event. Music will play from start until the end. Except, there is an interruption needed for a speech or special event. If you want me to do a break, you must stop me ;-)

"Can I pay with credit card?"

You can pay with credit card via PayPal in front of your event. You can also transfer the money by banking account.

"How much room is needed for the DJ?"

My speciality is not to take much room for my equipment. Because my expensive equipment is quite small, but very powerful. Please take a look at my pictures to get impressions on how I work. A table with 80cm is enough (more will also be ok). Speakers from Bose are quite slim (30-40cm), should be placed in front of the audience near the DJ table. LED-Spots and light effects can be placed anythere, even on the subwoofer.

"It can't hurt to ask!"

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