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An unforgettable birthday

Remarkable good music for your celebration.

Benefit from my experiences on birthday partys at different age-groups! If one would draw a chart, most birthday parties with DJ support would play around 50th birthday events. People almost book DJ's for 40th, 50th and 60th birthday anniversaries. But I also have had 18th birthdays as well as 80th birthday events. I am always prepared for all ages and all kind of people, who are ready for a good and stylish party.

DJ Lutz Stuttgart birthday party at Waiblingen

As an "Allround DJ" I will always adjust myself according to your musical needs. Normally, I will have every kind of music style with me and I am ready to play it for you at any time.

People can make song requests (by request note or personally) and I'll play these songs at the right time.

Characteristics of service:

  • Highclassed audio components for best sound
  • Spare equipment and alternate DJ guaranteed
  • Reliable, in time Service
  • One-stop DJ-service

DJ Lutz Stuttgart birthday at Herrenberg

"It can't hurt to ask!"

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